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In Fish Out Of Water Carole Holliday brings a dynamic new female heroine to storytelling.

Marguerite is a determined, brilliant, and energetic character who uses her undeniable musical gifts to bring joy to others. We need more stories like this one, which teaches our youth about the power that lives inside them.

Kelly Edwards Vice President of Talent Development, Programming HBO

Many of us can recall someone in our life whose negative attitude or condescending tone set us back temporarily. Overcoming that set back required us to rely on our confidence and support of the others in order to pursue our dreams.

Carole's beautiful illustrations bring to life the girl, her animal friends, and her inner voice who encourages her to look beyond the negativity that surrounds her. Carole's use of rhyme is lyrical for the young Marguerite whose first love is music and clearly her passion. I highly recommend Carole Holliday's Fish Out of Water for anyone that has or is pursuing their dream!

John B. Herrington, PhD CDR USN(Ret) Astronaut, STS-113

I would encourage anyone to pass this book along to their own “fish out of water dreamer” to encourage them to follow their bliss and reach for the stars

Fish Out of Water has an intensely relatable story will strike a cord with anyone who has big dreams but was told; “You will never accomplish what you dream”. The story reminded me of the early days of my career as a makeup artist in a time when those types of careers were thought of as fleeting or mere hobbies by friends and family. Thanks for sharing this story Carole it’s beautiful.

Lori Taylor Davis Global Pro Makeup Artist Brand Spokes Person Smashbox Cosmetics

"Carole Holliday's story leaps off the pages of her book with heart, sincerity and good humor illustrated in an animated style that brings her characters to life."

-Don Hahn Producer Beauty and the Beast, Lion King.

Carole’s illustrations possess the movement and life of animation... and no wonder, given Carole’s long career in the art of making animated movies.

Carole Holliday has written and beautifully illustrated a Cinderella- like tale “Fish Out of Water”. The heroine of the story is Marguerite, a young African American woman with an irrepressible spirit and a gift for playing jazz on the trumpet. Her struggle against all odds to achieve this dream is inspiring and encourages us to find that thing that makes us unique and begin to make our own sweet music.

Glen Keane Author, Director, Disney Animator and Producer

With its ups and downs, the story is interesting and fresh as it winds its way to the positive conclusion.

Fish Out of Water is a wonderful adventure that captures the resiliency and strength of the human spirit! Children everywhere will appreciate this story of Marguerite's journey to find her voice with her trumpet. My hope is that the story will resonate with children and give them the inspiration to follow their own dreams.

Sharon Cuseo Assistant Superintendent Curriculum & Assessment Burbank Unified School District

Fish Out of Water is uplifting and optimistic for anyone who has the courage to dream and the fortitude to pursue the vision they have for themselves.

Beautifully written and illustrated, the book sends young people a positive message about hard work, persistence, and the benefit of following your bliss."

John M. Paramo, Ed.D. Director of Secondary Education Burbank Unified School District Instructional Services

It lends itself to discussion for boys and girls alike and people of all ages. Can Marguerite, a little girl with so much self-doubt, who struggles to believe in herself, play her trumpet and compete in a man’s world?

Fish Out of Water is a delightfully, wonderfully written, and beautifully illustrated book. Carole Holliday lovingly, through her beautiful illustrations and well written verse, paves the way for Marguerite to stand against all odds and become successful.

...a fun to read book which is presented with clarity and power. It is a book that connects the reader to Marguerite’s world, making her world much larger and more interesting. It is an inspiring book that teaches us all that we must always believe in ourselves and never deny ourselves our rightful place in life.

Dorothy Scott, EdD

This book will be my tool to prove that the impossible is possible!

In a world filled with seemingly endless obstacles, Marguerite is a force of nature, proving to all that with passion and persistence, one's dreams can be attained. As a mother of a 6 year old girl, I can only hope that my daughter proves to have the same tenacity found in Marguerite. It is a rarity to find empowering children's books geared toward girls. Fish Out of Water is particularly wise yet entertaining, as it demonstrates that even if life throws you fish guts, a little bit of moxie will take you a long way!

Emily Greene, Television Editor - The Blacklist, American Crime Story

Yes, this is a children's book but adults can learn a thing or two from Marguerite! "

“This book is absolutely amazing! It teaches you that despite the challenges you may face on a daily, your dreams can never be too big if you have the courage to pursue them!

Bree Miller Owner/Founder Bree's Cakes LLC