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"Fish Out of Water has an intensely relatable story will strike a cord with anyone who has big dreams but was told; “You will never accomplish what you dream”! "

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Timid Marguerite flounders as a fishmonger for her crabby uncle Earl. When her animal pals, a dog, three birds and a rat, attempt to help her enter a nightclub contest, her world comes crashing down around and her Uncle lowers the boom: her beloved trumpet has to go!

It's only then that a magical muse, named Coda, gives her the strength to swim against the tides and catch her dream, no matter what form that dream takes. In the end readers, both young and old, will cheer as they follow Marguerite's journey through the colorfully illustrated pages of this story which asks the question: has Marguerite got what it takes to succeed, not only in the big boy's world of jazz but can she overcome her own crippling self-doubt which may prove to be a greater obstacle than all the other conflicts combined?

"Fish out of Water" is a story which entertains with the universal and timeless lesson for today: "Though people may tell you you're destined to fail, remember this one little speech: there's magic with just keeping on with the thought that your gift is what makes you unique."